[wplug] new guideline for videos at gums and installfests

harrold at sage.che.pitt.edu harrold at sage.che.pitt.edu
Tue Nov 13 11:41:33 EST 2001

Sometime in November David Ostroske assaulted keyboard and produced...

|James,  It'll be tough stopping the movies, though it's a good idea if we
|want to spend the time promoting Linux and the group.   I agree that it's
|important that we maintain a good public image. However, if movies are going
|to be shown at the InstallFests, whoever brings them should show
|self-restraint. If we have to lay down guidelines (and Beth, though I don't
|want you to get in trouble, you can't make policies for the group
|unilaterally), then we will be imposing the machinery of censorship, and I

if beth is the responsible party who represents cmu, then i think she is the
only one who can make such policies. i get the impression, which might be
correct, that she provides access to the facilities. as a result we have to
use them as she mandates. if she says it's a bambi marathon, then so be it. 

|don't want that to happen. We, each and every one of us, should be smart
|enough to not bring offensive media to the InstallFests, be it video or
|screensaver.   Now this is getting me angry. Why isn't anyone tearing on
|whoever brought the movie in the first place?   

different people have different standards. the person who brought the movie
probably thought it would be ok for the intended audience. since she realizes
that different people are going to think differently, she provided a set of
guidelines which i would guess is an attempt not to offend anyone, and project
a positive image.

she is not censoring you. she is trying to provide an environment which will
make everyone feel comfortable, and not get her in trouble (where i guess she

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