[wplug] new guideline for videos at gums and installfests

Beth Lynn bluekanary at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 13 13:55:00 EST 2001


I think it's only fair that I rebut some of the
issues came up in response.

#1 I am trying my best, in the interest of wplug
staying at CMU in particular at NSH 1507, to make
sure nothing jeopardizes our status for staying
there. If any major problems where to arrise at
a wplug meeting, I would have to answer to folks
back at CMU. Therefore, I don't like it but 
sometimes I have to set rules for the room so that
things don't get out of control and minor incidents
don't repeat themselves turning into a much larger
problem. If WPLUG were to find some other place to
meet, then the person(s) in charge of that meeting
place can set guidelines however they feel 

#2 I'm not saying no more "R" movies. I'm not saying
no more movies. I'm not saying we have to watch only
Barney and Friends at wplug meetings.
All I'm saying is just give some notice if you want
to show that kind of movie. Just give someone a chance
to say "I'm planning on bringing my 5 year old to
the meeting and I'd rather not let him/her see that
movie" or "I don't want to see that movie since that
goes against my values" Just give a little warning if
it's the kind of movie that "viewer discression is
advised" If one person finds content objectionable,
then their rights are infringed upon.

#3 I wanted to make it clear that there is to be no
pornography. Maybe it should go without saying but
the movie shown last installfest either crossed that
line or at least came very close.

#4 If WPLUG wants to accept, not accept, alter,
reconstruct, or ammend this policy, then please
let the discussion begin on wplug-plan.
The guideline I posted was meant to be just a
guideline which I will use until policy is accepted
or until I no longer host the meeting space
(whichever comes first).
The reason why I did not post first to the plan list
was I wanted the general body to know that something
is being done about it if they found something 
offensive last Saturday.

#5 The fact is there are attendees and members of
wplug that are minors. If a parent came to pick up
their child and saw I movie being played that they
do not approve of, the parent could (rightfully so)
blame myself and wplug. As for the members who are
16 or 17, I assume that they have come to an
understanding with their parents, that's not who I'm
really talking about. It is the members/attendees
15 and younger. 

#6 For the sake of the image of WPLUG, I hope that
some sort of policy along these lines is approved.
I apologize if I "stepped on anyone's toes" by
making it seem like I was announcing final policy.
I do not want WPLUG to be a dictatorship and I
definitely do not want to be a dictator. I am just
one person and I need help.

#7 I feel responsible for allowing the movie that
was played at the last installfest. It isn't 
necessarily the fault of the person who brought
the movie since he asked if he could play that movie
and I said it was ok. I was going on a trust of
general common sense. In heinsight <sp?>, I should
questioned the content before allowing the movie
to be played.  My personal apologies to anyone 
who was offended. Therefore let us not flame the
person who brought in the movie, if there's anyone
to be flamed, it is me.

Beth Lynn

--- David Ostroske <eksortso at linuxmail.org> wrote:
> James,
> It'll be tough stopping the movies, though it's a
> good idea if we want to spend the time promoting
> Linux and the group.
> I agree that it's important that we maintain a good
> public image. However, if movies are going to be
> shown at the InstallFests, whoever brings them
> should show self-restraint. If we have to lay down
> guidelines (and Beth, though I don't want you to get
> in trouble, you can't make policies for the group
> unilaterally), then we will be imposing the
> machinery of censorship, and I don't want that to
> happen. We, each and every one of us, should be
> smart enough to not bring offensive media to the
> InstallFests, be it video or screensaver.
> Now this is getting me angry. Why isn't anyone
> tearing on whoever brought the movie in the first
> place?
> --- Dave Ostroske
>     eksortso at linuxmail.org
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> From: "James O'Kane" <jo2y at midnightlinux.com>
> Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 19:40:53 -0500 (EST)
> To:  <wplug at wplug.org>
> Subject: Re: [wplug] new guideline for videos at
> gums and installfests
> > On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, David Ostroske wrote:
> > > So, let's give it another chance. Because I
> don't want you or anyone else to decide what's
> appropriate for us to watch.
> > 
> > It's not about censoring what you get to watch,
> it's about the image we
> > present to the public and about keeping us (and
> Beth) out of any possible
> > trouble with the university if anyone causes a
> stink. 
> > 
> > I'm of the opinion that we just avoid the whole
> issue and not have any 
> > movies. If people want to watch movies as a group,
> they can do it when 
> > WPLUG's name isn't associated.
> > 
> > -james
> > 
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