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Venue Info[edit]

Meeting to be held at Pittsburgh Filmmakers at 7:00pm, Tuesday, May 20, 2014.


  • Approve minutes of April 8 board meeting
  • Discuss the results of the Blender talk on 5/19/2014
  • Discuss plans for summer picnic
  • List your item here
  • List your item here


Meeting started at 7:10 PM.

Reports of officers

Only the Treasurer had anything to report. The Treasurer reported that there is $223.51 in the checking account. There was donations of $80.00, and also $16.50 to WPLUG for refreshments. David Sevick donated 10 dollars as well. The treasury is in good shape as a result. A server bill won't be due util August, and there should be some consideration to going to a month-to-month billing. There is still time to decide about that though.

Old Business

The meeting last night at Pittsburgh Filmmakers was a great success. Close to 40 people were in attendance for the Blender presentation. A follow-up via Eventbrite will be sent to attendees by Pat saying thank you to them for attending. One thing that Roland neglected to get to during his talk was the aspects about 3D printing. Perhaps we can get him to talk again specifically about that topic.

New business

Systemd would be a good GUM topic, as well as Git. Perhaps DVCS options in general could be discussed. Lazypower on IRC said he wouldn't mind doing a presentation on Git. The Chair wants to take lessons from the success of the the event last night. Things to keep in mind was that providing free food was a good loss leader. The Vice Chair mentioned that in the past with WPLUG, sometimes a recruiter would come in, and they would provide pizza if you let them talk. Some attendees get offended by this tactic though, so if we pursued that avenue, we'd have to make sure to do it so as to not upset those in attendance. Another factor to why the recent event was successful was because the talk was given by somebody with real credentials in the community. We should try to find more people with similar credentials in the area. The last factor that was important was partnering with another organization. Partnering with Pittsburgh Filmmakers was a great idea, as there was a common interest between the two groups.

There was then talk about what should be done for the next event. An InstallFest at Pittsburgh Filmmakers is a possibility. A social event is also a good idea, and having a ice cream social at Klavon's Ice Cream in the Strip District is a good idea. Perhaps it could be coupled with raising money for a particular open source project, and be a partnership with another local group like OpenStreetMap? The Vice Chair mentioned he would try to get into contact with somebody local from OpenStreetMap.

The Chair mentioned something like Ingress to bring people together as well. That said, the first goal is to try to get together with OpenStreetMap folks and perhaps do a "map-a-thon" of walking paths in Pittsburgh parks.

The plan is to do a social event for June, and then a GUM in July. This could cover anything from systemd to Git, or really any interesting topic that has a speaker.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM.