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I have been a member of WPLUG since 2009, and a Linux user since 1999 when I did my first Debian installation in college. Back then, my primary OS was Windows 98 SE, but I started experimenting with alternative operating systems in my spare time as well . Back in my college years, my favorite alternative OS was BeOS, but unfortunately it was a closed-source commercial project, and its source died once the IP was acquired by Palm, Inc. That experience truly taught me the value of open source software, and fortunately BeOS was essentially re-implemented in open source in the form of OpenBeos (now Haiku).

Nowadays on my home PCs, I primarily run Manjaro Linux and Haiku, although I like to use other operating systems like PC-BSD as well at times. Haiku is admittedly my main focus, as I help out with the project in my spare time, whether that is advocacy work or code contributions.

Other than computers, I'm quite into beekeeping, and am a former director of Burgh Bees. I also enjoy playing pool, fishing, and hiking.

Be sure to find me on Freenode IRC as jprostko, where I am usually hanging around at least in #haiku, #nginx, #concrete5, #salt, and #wplug.

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