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WPLUG will have a General User Meeting and presentation on Saturday, October 8, 2011, starting at 2pm in the auditorium (bottom floor) of the Wilkins School Community Center.

Schedule for the Day[edit]

1:30pm - Doors open, set up
2:00pm - Business Meeting starts/Nominations
2:30pm - Featured Presentation
3:30pm - Meeting ends, everyone out. We are likely to go to D's 6pack for lunch.


At this meeting, we will take nominations for the five seats on the WPLUG Board of Directors. Those meeting the qualifications in Section 6.4 of the WPLUG bylaws are eligible for election. Members may nominate any eligible person, including themselves. The election will be held on November 12. You may nominate up to five people. Please show up promptly as the nominations will be one of the first items of business handled.


Name: Nicholas Schembri

Topic: MySQL Replication

This is a basic introduction for mysql replications. PowerDNS will be used as an example application.

" Replication enables data from one MySQL database server (the master) to be replicated to one or more MySQL database servers (the slaves). Replication is asynchronous - slaves need not be connected permanently to receive updates from the master. This means that updates can occur over long-distance connections and even over temporary or intermittent connections such as a dial-up service. Depending on the configuration, you can replicate all databases, selected databases, or even selected tables within a database." -

Open Discussions

  • Mysql Replication - multi master and cluster
  • Mysql Replication - Scale-Out
  • Mysql Replication - As backup

Meeting Minutes[edit]

The regular meeting of the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group was held on Saturday, October 8, 2011, at 2:04 PM, at the Wilkins School Community Center, the regular presiding officer being in the chair and the secretary being present. The minutes of the July 9, 2011 meeting were approved as read.

The Chair reported that her move to Chicago is complete, and that she has the best wishes for WPLUG going forward. A retrospective of WPLUG history has been posted to the mailing list at

The Vice-Chair reported that the Software Freedom Day event at the Pittsburgh Public Market was a great success, with 45 discs of Free Software handed out and approximately 40 people visiting the booth. He also noted that he was moving to a netboot CD rather than a PXEboot server to use for installfests. He will try to arrange a date with David Kraus to complete network installation at the Wilkins School Community Center. He also reported that no one has yet volunteered to lead the Internet Committee.

The Secretary reported that WPLUG currently has 26 members.

The Treasurer reported that there is $745.67 in the checking account and $35.12 in cash in the refreshment fund.

The Director-at-Large reported that he was not running for re-election to the Board of Directors.

The Program Committee reported that Don Vosburg of SUSE will be speaking at the November 12 general user meeting, and that an installfest will be held at the Northland Library on December 3.

The Public Relations Committee reported that additional volunteers are needed to help with its work.

Nominations for the 2011 Board of Directors election were opened and the following individuals were nominated:

  • Greg Alheid
  • Patrick Barron
  • Judi Galardi
  • Terry Golightly
  • Michael Loomis
  • Joseph Prostko
  • Jacob Skiba

Nominations were then closed.

The meeting adjourned at 2:33 PM.

Vance Kochenderfer
Secretary, Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group

(Approved on November 12, 2011 - VK)

Meeting Staff[edit]

If you would like to volunteer to assist with this meeting, please add your name to one or more of the categories below.

  • Host: Your name here
  • Co-Host: Your name here
  • Donuts/Bagels: Your name here
  • Setup: Vance Kochenderfer, Your name here, Your name here
  • Clean Up: Vance Kochenderfer, Your name here, Your name here


  • Your name/location here