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Lightning Talks[edit]

Lightning talks are quick 5-10 minute talks on a particular subject. They're designed to showcase something quickly and get other people interested. They are NOT intended to provide a complete overview of the technology. Last year we had lightning talks on subjects such as wireless security, non-profits, and virtualization. Are you willing to give a lightning talk? Sign up below!

Name Subject
Patrick Wagstrom Compiz and XGL (provided I can unbreak it)
Mark Dalrymple Markd2 babbles about something
Vance Kochenderfer Using quickmasks in The GIMP
Mike Hansell Modifying the PSP
Robert Blackwell My prove directory
Speaker Topic...

Requested Talks[edit]

If there is a talk you'd like to hear, or would like to provide a suggestion to others, please add it here.

  • Linux/BSD on obscure platforms (Nintendo DS Lite, Dreamcast, etc)
  • IPv6
  • Cherokee Web Server

Business Meeting[edit]

Here is the business that will be taken up at the meeting, starting at 12:30pm. A quorum of 17 members is required to conduct business.

Bylaws Amendments[edit]

Two bylaws amendment questions will be decided at this meeting. Absentee Balloting is being used for this vote, and the votes will be counted at the meeting. In order for a bylaws amendment to be adopted, it must be approved by at least 2/3 of the ballots cast.

Membership Quorum[edit]

The first bylaws amendment question pertains to the quorum at membership meetings. In order for any business to be conducted legally, a meeting requires the presence of a certain number of members. This number is called the quorum.

The first question pertains to the quorum definition in the original bylaws, in Section 5.4:

The quorum for membership meetings shall be the lesser of:

  1. the sum of the prescribed size of the Board plus the square root of the total membership, voting and non-voting; or
  2. the majority of the total voting membership.

If the first question is adopted, then the following text will be substituted for the entire body (but not the heading) of Section 5.4:

Ten members or one-fifth of the membership, whichever is less, shall constitute a quorum of the membership.

Number of Directors[edit]

The second bylaws amendment question pertains to the number of Directors that sit on the WPLUG Board. The current bylaws, in Section 4.3, provide a table for calculating the number of Directors, which is based on the number of members. The amendment, if adopted, would remove this table and fix the number at five Directors.

In addition, a proviso would change the current Directors election so that five Directors would be elected instead of the seven prescribed in Section 4.3. More details on this proviso can be found below.

Here is how Sections 4.1 and 4.3 would be amended by this proposal, if it were passed:

4.1 Definition

A Board of five (5) Directors shall be elected by the WPLUG membership to handle the day-to-day affairs of WPLUG. The members of this Board shall be individually referred to as Directors.


4.3 Nominations

When an election for Directors is required, the Secretary shall give the membership at least 28 days' (4 weeks') notification of a nomination meeting. The announcement shall state when and where the meeting will be held and how many seats are to be filled.

The number of Directors to be elected shall be as follows:

  • less than 50 Members: 5 Directors
  • 50 to 69 Members: 6 Directors
  • 70 to 89 Members: 7 Directors
  • 90 to 109 Members: 8 Directors
  • 110 or more Members: 9 Directors

In making this determination, all Members shall be counted regardless of voting status.

Nominations for Directors shall be taken from the floor at the nomination meeting. Members may nominate themselves, and nominations do not need to be seconded. Nominees have the right to object and be removed from the ballot. If there are not enough nominees, then the Chair must nominate additional Members until there are as many nominees as seats.

Board of Directors Election[edit]

The election for the 2006-2007 WPLUG Board of Directors will be counted at this meeting. A voting guide has been prepared to cover the voting process in detail. Details will also appear on the official WPLUG Board of Directors ballot.

The number of Directors elected will depend on the vote of the bylaws amendment question pertaining to the number of Directors.

  • If the resolution passes, then the five candidates who get the highest point totals (and who also received a vote on a majority of the ballots) will be elected to the Board. However,
  • if the resolution fails, then the top seven candidates will be elected.

The nominees, whose names will appear on the ballot, are (in random order):

  • Beth Lynn Eicher
  • Mike Hansell
  • Patrick Wagstrom
  • Greg Simkins
  • Bill Moran
  • Brian Seklecki
  • David Ostroske
  • Ted Rodgers
  • Chris Teodorski
  • Vance Kochenderfer
  • Judi Galardi

The following people volunteered to help with the election:

  • Mike O'Connor
  • Robert C. Turley
  • John McCarter

Pending Bylaws Amendment Question[edit]

Language amending the Membership article of the bylaws is pending. It will be taken up at the meeting, and if brought to a vote, then absentee ballots will be sent for a vote that will be counted in November.

Updates coming soon.