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Drew from Zhrodague drewzhrodague at zhrodague.net
Fri Jun 17 11:00:33 EDT 2011

On 6/17/11 9:50 AM, Zachary Uram wrote:
> Does anyone here run Verizon FiOS? If so do you have a positive or
> negative experience overall? Does FiOS let you run your own web
> server, game server, teamspeak server, IRC server? Do you get a static
> IP or a dynamic one that constantly changes? I am interested in the
> 15Mb/5Mb plan for $49.99/month. It says there are taxes and fees
> applicable as well. Just how much are these fees per month? I did live
> chat with a FiOS rep., but they seemed to just give formulaic answers
> and I really didn't get my questions answered. Right now I have
> Speakeasy (Megapath) DSL and it is direct connection to my desktop
> machine (static IP too) so I have no router. The Verizon rep. said I
> need a wireless router and a wireless NIC, Verizon has promotion where
> they give you a wireless router. This doesn't help me because I don't
> trust wireless security (even WPA2 has been cracked) and I don't want
> to buy a wireless NIC. Is there anyway I can have FiOS just connect
> directly to my (wired) NIC? Here is what she said:

	You can recycle Verizon's router by putting dd-wrt on it, but the coax 
imput no longer works.

	No FiOS in the SoSide for us yet. It is available immediately across 
the street from us in Mt. Oliver though.


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