[wplug] Pitt Students: ResNet LAN Requirements for Linux?

Brian A. Seklecki lavalamp at spiritual-machines.org
Thu Jun 29 10:47:11 EDT 2006


I was dating someone a while back (okay, last year) who had a flat in the 
Shenley Gardens.  The ResNet lan had PPPoE to the workstation endpoint. 
Is this deployment unique to that facility or is the use of authenticated 
ethernet drops growing?

I know Litchfield is probably still DHCP (and probably still one big 
broadcast/collision domain), but what about other new facilities?

For example:



...actually according to this:


It looks like they've ditched PPPoE for 802.1x instead.  PEAP with TLS 
would be PKI enabled two-phase authentication (Kerb/LDAP/RAIDIUS on the 

Do MAC addresses need to be registered as well?  What's the current story?


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