[wplug] Need a ride to the meeting.

K. Arun karbak at cmu.edu
Thu Nov 29 22:35:38 EST 2001


        I have what seems to be a dead Alpha box on my hands, and
wanted to figure out if anything could be done with it - thought I'd
get it to the meeting. This 533MHz SX164 was running Debian/Alpha
without any problems till sometime last week when I started getting
boot-up errors looking something like "PYXIS ... vector 0x??? ... " on
boot-up, which would end with a kernel OOPS. Some 3-4 days back, the
machine simply stopped booting, i.e I don't see anything on the
monitor. Normally, one gets a blue BIOS screen and the SRM firmware
prompt - here, there doesn't seem to be any signal being received from
the video card at all. I'd hate to think there can't be anything done
with the box, but I'd rather be sure. 

        I do however need transportation. Would it be possible for
someone to give me and the box a ride from Centre Avenue to the
meeting on Saturday morning ? Thanks.


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