[wplug] Re: Cable Modem

Jeffry D. Woods jdwoods at home.com
Sun Nov 11 16:54:35 EST 2001

> Has anybody had experience setting up cable modem internet service from AT&T
> Broadband using their RCA modem provided & NIC?

Have one myself, I bought the NIC before they came to install, it's a D-Link
DFE-530TX+, and I used their cable modem at first which wasn't an RCA but
purchased my own about 8 months ago.  I do have a static IP though, if you
complain enough they will give it to you.

The cable modem is setup just like a router, it's the gateway on the network
setup in RH 7.1. You just put the ip # of the cable modem in as the gateway. The
NIC gets your IP#, or machine IP number they gave you or assigned to you, and
the name they assigned to that ip#. Your subnet mask will be  In
/etc/resolv.conf you place their nameservers, such as:

domain xxxxxx.xxx
search xxxxxx.xxx donora1.pa.home.com

The x'd section above is an internal network I have (you don't need to know
that), and the reason it looks at local first is for the internal network. I
also run DNS for the internal. The rest would be what you need for their

> RH 7.1.
> I am able to ping the ip address that is their gateway, so I am assuming
> that there is some authentication process that needs to be configured. I am
> not even sure about hostname.

To get your name and ip#, as they probably set this up with DHCP, setup a
windows machine which you may have already. Go to Start, Run, and type winipcfg.
When the box pops up, click on "More Info", and it will give you all the info
you need. In the DNS Servers line, if you click on the box next to it with the
... it will show the DNS servers to you. I don't advise using their proxy server
though, it slows you down.

> Thanks in advance,
> Duncan Hutty
> dunxster at home.com

Your Welcome,

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