[wplug] ppp/laptop problem

Scott F. Kiesling kiesling+ at pitt.edu
Fri Nov 2 15:37:26 EST 2001


I have had trouble getting my laptop to connect to a dialup account for ages. 
I'm finally getting around to asking someone about it again. 
I'm having trouble making a ppp connection using a PCMCIA card (Xircom 
ethernet/modem combo). I am sure the ppp configuration is correct, although I 
thought perhaps I had the wrong device but when I use anything else but 
/dev/ttyS0 I get an error that suggests there's no modem on that device (so 
the lack of that error on /dev/ttyS0 suggests that that's the right one). SO 
when I use pon to connect, literally nothing happens. When I do 'plog' it 
just tells me it waited a long time, nothing happens, and then it gives up. 
It seems to be detecting something because if I pick up and extension, I get 
an 'alarm' message from plog. I know the line has a dial tone. What could be 
wrong? And more importantly, how might it be fixed? This is debian on a Dell 
Inspiron 5000.

The relevant part from the log file seems to be:

pppd[472]: pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0
chat[473]: abort on (BUSY)
chat[473]: abort on (NO CARRIER)
chat[473]: abort on (VOICE)
chat[473]: abort on (NO DIALTONE)
chat[473]: abort on (NO DIAL TONE)
chat[473]: abort on (NO ANSWER)
chat[473]: send (ATZ^M)
chat[473]: expect (OK)
pppd[472]: Terminating on signal 15.
chat[473]: SIGTERM
pppd[472]: Connect script failed
pppd[472]: Exit.

Thanks in advance-

Scott F. Kiesling

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Department of Linguistics
University of Pittsburgh

kiesling at pitt.edu
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