[wplug-plan] Good News regarding "Revolution OS" Screening WAS:Programming suggestions

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Mon Jan 12 19:39:53 EST 2004


As Alex mentioned below, there were some folks who were inquiring
regarding our movie policy at the lug. In particular, some of
us were looking forward to seeing Revolution OS together at
a WPLUG meeting.

I emailed the address listed on www.revolution-os.com asking
for permission to show the meeting back in December two times.
Perhaps they never responded back then, or maybe I mistook
their reply for spam.

After the installfest, I decided to take one last shot and they
responded this time giving us the go ahead.

I was thinking that we should do this as a matinee.
Optional $1 donation to cover costs of snacks and DVD itself.
Those who donate also get a ticket to win the DVD in the raffle.
Show the movie 13:00-14:30. 
Discuss movie 14:30-15:30
Raffle off DVD movie 15:30
General geek socialization 15:30-16:00

The next available meeting date would be February 21st.

So, what do you think guys?

Beth Lynn

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, Alex wrote:

> --- Beth Lynn <bethlynn at wplug.org> wrote:
> > WPLUG hasn't done movies in eons due to licensing
> > issues and 
> > questions regarding how appropriate is the content
> > for our educational, family oriented environment.
> > Thanks,
> > Beth Lynn
> We had a nice overview discussion about this whole
> issue at the InstallFest today (Jenn came to install
> Red Hat on a CMU professors Thinkpad, I came to
> babysit.  ;)   
> I suggest for the future that unless we can get direct
> written permission (as Beth Lynn said she's been
> unable to procure), we respect any and all
> licensing...in part because artists have copyright
> licensing for a reason...and in part because open
> sourcers pay such close attention to their own
> specific licenses (gpl, etc.).
> Instead, we should encourage members to invest in the
> film for their own personal dvd libraries, to support
> the artists who produced it.
> ..Alex.
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