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Evan DiBiase evand at wplug.org
Fri Sep 6 10:30:08 EDT 2002

On Friday, September 6, 2002, at 09:08  AM, Zach Paine wrote:

> Mr. Weber brings up a good point here.  As I see it we face a turning 
> point right now.  Either we re-write the website intelligently, or we 
> commit to updating some a lot of its more tedious features frequently. 
>  What do you guys think?

Well, this was brought up on wplug-web, so I'll copy my response:

> On Thursday, September 5, 2002, at 10:09  AM, Warren Dukes wrote:
>> Can y'all make the next gum meeting space functional? ie, write some 
>> php code to automagically figure out when the next meeting is.
> Currently, this is human-generated. We could write (and have, in the 
> past, written) code that does this, but the issue is that GUMs  and 
> Install-Fests are not guaranteed to go off the first Saturday of every 
> month and the second Saturday of every other month. I wouldn't want 
> people showing up for an install-fest that the web page predicted but 
> for which there was no actual event planned.
> On the other hand, requiring humans to update the page tends to lead 
> to unupdated pages. Perhaps updating the pages should be a function of 
> the GUM and Install-Fest committees?
> I'd be open to suggestions on how to handle this issue.
> -Evan
> Who is seriously considering doing a rewrite at this point

Personally, I'm for a rewrite. The code was written by two much 
younger, less experienced programmers (read: evand and zman) and I 
think we could do a far better job now.

It seems like procedure would dictate putting it to the board as a 
proposal by the web committee, and then continuing discussion on 
wplug-web as to actual implementation, should the resolution pass.

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