[wplug-plan] October Tootorial blurb

Mark Dalrymple wplug at badgertroncs.com
Sun Sep 1 15:29:40 EDT 2002

Hey Gang,

BethLynn and zman asked about a blurb for the October tutorial I signed
up for.  Here ya go.

C and Unix Programming

Mark Dalrymple (markd at borkware.com) will present a subset of a unix
programming course he is in the process of building.  Included in the
tutorial will be an overview of C for programmers (so feel free to
come if you know Perl or Java, but not C) and building simple
command-line programs.  If there's time, we might delve into file
handling.  Bring a machine with a working C compiler and a text editor
you're comfortable with.  Printed course materials will be provided.

++Mark Dalrymple, markd at badgertronics.com  http://badgertronics.com
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