[wplug-members] ANNUAL MEETING Saturday! ELEPHANTS DREAM Thursday!

David Ostroske eksortso at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 02:30:39 EDT 2006

Quite a bit happening. Check the links for the details.

* We've got a showing of ELEPHANTS DREAM tonight! (Thursday the 19th)
Elephants Dream is a short animated movie made completely from open
source tools and released under a Creative Commons license. It was
produced using Blender, an open-source 3D modeling and animation
suite. The show is open to All Ages.

* Attention, voting members: Make sure to get your ballot in our hands
for Saturday's Annual Meeting if you won't be attending! At this time,
it's too late to mail in your ballot and be sure that we'll receive it
before the meeting. So, if you haven't voted yet, make sure to come to
the meeting, or give your ballot to someone who will be going to the

* We're having Lightning Talks on Saturday, too, and if you've got
something technical that you'd like to show off quickly, you can sign
up on the wiki. You've seen this before, I'll bet!...

Our meeting on Saturday will run something like this (special thanks
to Vance Kochenderfer for his work on this). The Lightning Talks may
coincide with the counting of the ballots.
1. Reading and Approval of Minutes (from last two meetings)
2. Reports of Officers, Boards, and Committees
3. Polls Close, Selection of Tellers, Counting Begins
4. Bylaws Amendment questions (quorum, number of directors)
5. WPLUG Board of Directors Election
6. Consideration of Bylaws Amendment Relating to Membership (postponed
from previous meeting)
7. New Business

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

David Ostroske <eksortso at gmail.com>

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