[wplug-members] Draft Minutes for Membership Meeting, 2006-11-03

David Ostroske eksortso at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 10:27:31 EDT 2006

Before the September meeting, the last official meeting that WPLUG had
was in March. Last month, the reading of the minutes for the March
meeting were postponed until this month. Here are the draft minutes
from that meeting long, long ago.

Regular Membership Meeting, March 11th, 2006, 10:30am

The meeting was called to order at 11:10am

There were 14 members present at the meeting, including all 5 Directors:
*Bob Johnson
*Max Putas
*Bill Moran
*Michael O'Connor
*Patrick Wagstrom
*Beth Lynn Eicher
*Matthew Hughes
*Chris Teodorski
*Michael Hansell
*Vance Kochenderfer
*Bill Eicher
*Richard Farina
*David Ostroske
*Ted Rodgers

Also present:
*Carl Franwlinu(?)
*Jason Freshwater
*D'Arcy MacIsaac
*Yusef MacIsaac

Bill reported on the state of WPLUG.

Beth Lynn gave a report on the new WPLUG meeting room.
The VMWare talk on April 29 will be in a nearby room, with more space.
Beth bought new switches and a water cooler for the group; the
expenses will be reported to the Treasurer.
Suggestions for a different meeting location were taken for the month of May.

Dave gave the Secretary's Report: As of this morning, there are 67
members of WPLUG. Three more joined since last month.

Patrick gave the Treasurer's Report:
Currently our finances stand at:

Cash: $151
Eureka Bank Checking: $344.56
Refreshment Fund: ~$28
Outstanding Checks: $64.16

In the past month I've approved one funding request for $64.16 to Beth
Lynn Eicher (Program Committee) for purchase of new network hardware.

He also suggested donating to the kitty to replenish the refreshment
fund, since it is rare that we get overage from pizza contributions.
Any overage will go into general pool.

The PR Committee proposal was presented to the membership. After
debate, the proposal was adopted without objection, as follows:
WPLUG PR committee
A Public Relations Committee shall be appointed by the Board, and
shall be renewed promptly after a new Board takes office. The WPLUG
Vice-Chair shall be a member of this committee and serve as its chair.
Its duties shall include:
1. To swell the ranks of WPLUG membership.
2. To establish and maintain WPLUG's reputation as a key organization
for Open Source in western Pennsylvania.
3. To maintain a high level of awareness of WPLUG activities with the
general public.
4. To obtain favorable publicity for WPLUG.
5. To establish and maintain contact with other Open Source
organizations to coordinate efforts to further the cause of Open
The committee shall provide regular reports to the Board and to the membership.

* Internet Committee
Bill reported for the Internet Committee. There was a lot to do, and
the committee plans to meet today.

* Program Committee
Patrick reported for the Program Committee:
Planned for lots of upcoming events -
 April 1 - Linux on PPC (No Foolin!)
 April 29 - VMWare (Invite your friends!) - It's gonna be HUGE!

 May (first meeting) - GPG/Crypto and KeySigning Party
 May (second meeting) - Installfest, we're looking to spice it up.
Also keysigning again

 June - Still up in the air, anyone want to do a talk on BASH?

 The open source picnic will be the first weekend of August

Name Tags! - $1
We're making name tags for WPLUG members.  If you want one, find a
program committee member and shell out $1 for it!  They'll be
available at the April 1 meeting.

Looking for Hosts/CoHosts/etc.  If you've got a desire to help WPLUG,
let us know.  We're trying to set people up a few weeks in advance

He also noted that the Program Committee's email address is
<events at wplug.org>. The address is an alias to the committee members,
and its purpose is for suggestions for future meetings and events.

Mark suggested that in the future, that sign-up sheets be made for
meetings, so that members need not sign in twice.

* Newsletter Committee
Vancee Kochenderfer reported:
Report of the WPLUG Newsletter Committee

The committee requests that the Internet Committee set up the
<top at wplug.org> alias to forward mail to the four Newsletter
Committee members (e-mail addresses provided on request).

The committee requests that the Internet Committee set up a
<wplug-news at wplug.org> mailing list for discussion among the
members of the Newsletter Committee and other interested
parties.  Subscriptions will be moderated but individuals are
to be able to post freely once subscribed.  Archives of the
list will be open.

The committee established the 15th of the month as the
deadline for submissions to appear in the following month's
issue.  The publication deadline was set as the first
Saturday of each month.

The committee seeks individuals to distribute copies of The
Open Pitt to the "giveaway" tables of public libraries.
Currently the Plum, Penn Hills, Castle Shannon, and Carnegie
Library of Pittsburgh main branch are covered.  Anyone
interested should e-mail <top at wplug.org> or talk to a member
of the committee.

The committee established a policy on obtaining review copies
of books.  Reviews on books of a more general nature (e.g.,
generic C or SQL) may still be accepted for publication, but
only books with a specific Open Source tie-in will be
provided by WPLUG for reviews.

Vance reported that Whitehall library is covered as well.

* ErieLUG Revival Committee
Chris Theodorski reported that interest in ErieLUG is starting again.
An IRC meeting was held a week ago. They might trek down to Pittsburgh
for one of our events.

The minutes from the November 2005 membership meeting were adopted as posted.

We adjourned at 11:58am.

David Ostroske <eksortso at gmail.com>

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