[wplug-board] Checklist for this weeks meeting

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Tue Apr 25 11:51:25 EDT 2006


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On Mon, 24 Apr 2006, Patrick Wagstrom wrote:

> Folks, I'm trying to make a checklist of what needs to be done for this
> weeks meeting.  Here's what I've got.  After we bounce it around, I'll
> drop it on Plan for volunteers for missing stuff.
> 1. 2 copies of printed membership sheet for members sign in (David)
> 2. Some sort of nice non-member sign in for WPLUG, with a check box if
> they'd like to have someone contact them (David) - we'll divy up people
> and follow up afterwards
> 3. Munchies and soda pop for the meeting (???)
I can cover this

> 4. Signs for the meeting (Patrick)
> 5. Coordinate the Pizza issue (???)
I thought the VMWare sales rep had this covered? Chris, can you please 
check on this? If needed, I can call the pizza place on Friday and order 
20 pizzas for Saturday. In any case, with this sort of volume the order 
will need to be placed the night before

> 6. Make sure that Bob has everything he needs 
> 7. Slide show for before the meeting and during lunch (Patrick)
> 8. Handouts for new folks (Bill)
> 9. Volunteers for working the doors and being nice (???)
I nominate Vance and Scott
> 10. Organize setup crew (Patrick and Beth Lynn) -- mainly because she's
> got the keys to get the stuff
> 11. Organize clean up crew (Patrick and Beth Lynn)
> 12. Find some tables (???) -- we may need some for HbH 1000, I forget
> the exact layot once you enter, it's got narrow entrances so tables
> outside not so useful, although there is usually a few tables in the
> lobby of HbH
There are 4 tables that I was told that I could borrow.
> 13. Send out official meeting announcment (???)
This is pending someone telling me who is Host and who is cohost. If I 
don't hear by 2pm today I nominate Bill and Patrick.
Here are the facts I know
* Dave is handling membership issues
* Chris is making sure that Mr. Good gets whatever he needs
* I'm taking care of the food, setup and cleanup

> 14. Coordinate with other groups if needed (???) -- this would be groups
> like Lopsa, PittJUG, Perl Mongers, etc...
SNAPgh (the local lopsa chapter) is in

> Any other things that need to be done?  It's daunting, but will be very
> cool.

Let's do it!

> Life's so rad.  I'm so stoked.

I'm excited too but I won't be available by email for the next couple of 
days. I do believe that everyone on -board and events has my cell phone #.
If anyone needs it, please contact me offlist by 2pm.

Beth Lynn

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