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One of WPLUG's centers of activity is our mailing lists. Anyone is welcome to subscribe and join in the discussion. Note that if you attempt to post to a list without being subscribed, your message will be moderated or rejected.

To subscribe to a list or manage your subscription options, click the link that is the name of the list. The archive link will take you to the web archives for that list.

Announcement-Only Lists

These are not for discussion, just announcements.

name description
wplug-announce (archives) Announcements of WPLUG events and occasionally others of interest. Receives 1-3 messages per month. This is the list you want to subscribe to if you'd like to keep track of what WPLUG's doing but only want to get the minimum number of messages.
wplug-members (archives) Official communications to the WPLUG membership. You do not subscribe or unsubscribe to this list; members are added automatically. Archives may be viewed by all.

Discussion Lists

name description
wplug (archives) The main discussion list for technical subjects. This is where the major action is. All messages to wplug-announce are cross-posted here, so there's no need to subscribe to both. Traffic varies from 30 to 500+ messages per month; average is about 200.
wplug-plan (archives) Discussion of organizational topics and event planning. If you care about developing WPLUG as an organization, this is where you come to talk about it. Averages 20 messages per month.
wplug-jobs (archives) Local job postings/discussion related to Linux/Unix and Open Source. If you need a job or an employee, subscribe to this list. Please observe the ground rules. The list receives fewer than 5 messages per month on average.
wplug-market (archives) Buy/sell/trade/give away Linux-compatible hardware and other relevant items here. Gets 1 or 2 messages per month.
wplug-internet (archives) Conversation about running WPLUG's Internet services such as the wiki, mailing lists, and IRC channel. If you are part of the Internet Committee or want to help keep our network services running, you should subscribe to this list. Gets 5-10 messages per month.
wplug-board (archives) Discussion among the WPLUG Board of Directors. You only get subscribed to this list by being elected to the Board. Everyone is welcome to view the list archives.

Affiliated Lists

These are lists operated by WPLUG on behalf of other organizations.

name description
wplug-erie (archives) Combined announcement and discussion list for ErieLUG. Averages fewer than 10 messages per month.
pitt-osm (archives) For discussion of Open Street Map project activities in the Pittsburgh area. Minimal traffic so far.
pengins-care (archives) Coordinating deployment of Linux machines to those in need. See also the Penguins_Care wiki page.

Obsolete Lists

These are no longer active, but the archives remain available.

name description
wplug-bsd (archives) BSD related discussions
wplug-radio (archives) Radio/podcast show
wplug-web (archives) Web site technical talk (superseded by wplug-internet)
wplug-news (archives) Newsletter discussion

Email Aliases

name description recipients General WPLUG information address Terry Golightly The Open Pitt newsletter committee Vance Kochenderfer, Michael Semcheski WPLUG program committee Terence Golightly, Brian Seklecki