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Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Thu Oct 27 11:57:00 EDT 2005


wplug-jobs at wplug.org is a list for Linux, Unix, and Open Source career 
discussion as it pertains to Western PA. Recruiters may post jobs that
are within this scope. List subscribers may post their resumes if they
are looking for this sort of work.

It is now viewable on the wplug mailing list page

Who should subscribe:
* People who are looking for Linux, Unix, and Open Source career
opportunities in Western PA.
* Recruiters who is often looking for people who have these 
* Those who want to discuss business and career strategies for obtaining
  Linux, Unix, and Open Source work (ft, pt, intern, or contract) in the 
Western PA area.

How to subscribe:
Go to this url and follow the directions

How to post:
Send mail to wplug-jobs at wplug.org
* If you are subscribed and you send no attachments, your post will 
automatically be made public
* If you send an attachment, your post will be screened by a moderator for 
* If you are not subscribed and you try to post,  your post will be 
screened by a moderator for review.

What types of posts are appropriate:
* My company is looking to find a Linux expert for a full time, part time, 
contract, intern or contract-to-hire.
* I'm looking for a Unix sysadmin job in the Pittsburgh area. Where should 
I start? By the way, here's my resume.
* I'd like to market myself or my company as an Open Source expert for 
contract hire.
* Do many companies in Western PA use Open Source? I'm looking to enhance 
my career opportunities so I just want to get a feel for what the local IT 
market is looking for.

What types of posts are inappropriate:
* Jobs that are outside of the Western PA region
* Jobs that do not call for Linux, Unix, or Open Source knowledge and 
* I want to tell the world why I will never work with this specific 
job-placement firm ever again!
* Hey! I hired someone who said they were a wplug member but they did not
show up at the job site as they were supposed to.
* Get rich quick, multi-level marketing, or 419 scams.

Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group (WPLUG) is an unincorporated 
not-for-profit organization which offers the general public educational
materials about Linux and Open Source.

Please keep the following in mind when posting to the wplug-jobs list
1. WPLUG is not a business. Therefore WPLUG as an organization is not for 
2. WPLUG sponsors this list as a community service in order to get 
employers and job seekers in the same forum. WPLUG is not a 
job-placement agency.
3. WPLUG is not responsible for the services offered, promised, or 
provided via communications on this list. If an employer hires someone 
that they meet on this list and they do not deliver, your issue is with that
individual, not with WPLUG. If you are hired by an employer on this list 
and they do not pay, your issue is with that employer and not with WPLUG.
Do not use this public forum as a court of public opinion if there is an
employer-employee disagreement. In extreme cases WPLUG reserves the right 
to ban specific individuals or institutions from posting if there is reason 
to believe that there are patterns of breaking agreements.
4. Once you send mail to wplug-jobs at wplug.org your information will go on 
full public view in the archives.
These archives are viewable by the whole 
Internet therefore search engines like google may link them. All posts in 
the archives are permanent and they will not be removed under any 
circumstances. There is no method for "expiring" posts therefore you may 
want to include dates for which the information you are posting is valid.
5. Moderators are appointed by the board of WPLUG to screen the 
wplug-jobs list. These moderators have the authority to reject posts, 
reject/remove subscriptions, and ban an email addresses from posting.
6. WPLUG reserves the right to update this FAQ at any time

Beth Lynn Eicher
WPLUG Board Chair

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