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Traveling to OLF?[edit]

If you'd like to be on the mailing list, email pwagstro @@@ andrew ... cmu ... edu and he'll put you on the private list. In the mean time, here's a spot for ride information and room management.

I have free space[edit]

Put your name, when you're leaving, when you're returning, and where you're leaving from.

  • David Ostroske, leaving from Oakland on Friday evening, returning Sunday afternoon. 1 free spot. We'll be touring Columbus a bit on Sunday, and you're welcome to join us if you're staying later.
  • Patrick Wagstrom, leaving from Oakland on Friday afternoon, returning on late Saturday evening. 2 free spots.

I need a ride[edit]

If you need a ride, try contacting the people above. If not, post your name here in hopes someone finds it.

  • James O'Kane, need a ride from Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon/evening, no return trip needed, but a ride the the Columbus Airport Sunday morning would help. I think I have one now.
  • Harold Schreckengost, need a ride from Warren, Pennsylvania to Columbus, and will need a return trip. Any schedule can be worked around; I just need to get there.

I have a room and would like a roommate[edit]

If you've booked a room, and would like a roomie. Post your name and what hotel you're staying at here.

  • Patrick Wagstrom has a free spot in his room for Friday evening at the Holiday Inn.

I need a roomie[edit]

I'm sure you can figure out the drill by now.