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Venue Info[edit]

Meeting to be held at Pittsburgh Filmmakers at 7:30pm, Tuesday, October 21, 2014. The meeting location was changed to be a conference call, however.


  • Approve minutes of September 16 board meeting
  • Discuss plans for next GUM (elections)
  • Discuss plans for Ohio Linuxfest
  • Discuss upcoming election based on 10/18 nominations meeting
  • List your item here
  • List your item here



The meeting was called to order at 6:43 PM.

The Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary were present, and the Director-at-Large was on the way.

The minutes from the last board meeting were approved, and they were adopted as drafted.

Reports of Officers

The Chair was not present, but mentioned before the meeting that alternate venues for upcoming board meetings should be explored.

The Vice Chair has nothing to report.

The Secretary mentioned that he would contact Terry Golightly aand Nikolai Boyadzhiev to see if they will accept or decline their nominations to be on the WPLUG board for the 2014-2015 term.

The Treasurer mentioned that his report is the same as at the October GUM. Essentially there's $216.00 in the bank account, with 90 dollars in undeposited funds. Also, he will investigate why WPLUG was double charged by Linode.

The Director-at-Large had nothing to report.

Reports of Committees

The Technology Committee reported that the WPLUG server migration went well, but that the SSL functionality in Apache still needs to be fully enabled.

The other committees had nothing to report.

New business

The next general meeting is in November, and the notes that the Chair left for the board suggest that perhaps the meeting can feature lightning talks about various Linux distributions. Basically, somebody could try a distribution briefly on a USB stick, and then they have to talk about that distribution afterwards.

The Director-at-Large mentioned that perhaps the next meeting should be an encore presentation on Raspberry Pi, especially since there is a newer version of the Pi available as compared to the last time the talk was given. The Director-at-Large then had to leave.

John Lewis also talked about giving a talk about rsnapshot. The Secretary will contact him to make sure he still wants to present. The date for the GUM was discussed, and it was decided it should be November 15th, as November 8th is not enough time given constraints in the bylaws that mandate a 21 day notice before the meeting with elections. The notice for elections will go out this Friday, October 24th, and the ballot will be sent out to members on Friday, October 31st. A site must be found to have the meeting, and the Treasurer will try to get IBM, or perhaps Wilkins School as a fallback. The time of day for the meeting should fall somewhere between 1 PM and 4:30 PM.

MOTION: Authorize expenditure of 30 dollars for a two-hour room rental at Wilkins School. It may not be needed, but it should still be authorized. The motion was seconded and passed.

The Treasurer brought up a question about procedure, and if the Chair must be authorized to sign the rental agreement if he is already authorized to reserve the room.

MOTION: Authorize the Chair to execute the rental agreement and liability release contingent upon Wilkins School having room availability. Motion seconded and passed.

The final order of business is the Meet the Candidates IRC session. Generally the moderator is somebody who is not running for the board. so the Vice Chair said he'd try to contact the Chair to see if he'd be willing to moderate. The date for Meet the Candidates was chosen for Thursday, November 13th at 8 PM.

There is no other new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.