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Venue Info[edit]

Meeting to be held at Pittsburgh Filmmakers at 7:30pm, Tuesday, August 19, 2014.


  • Approve minutes of July 15 board meeting
  • Discuss the server migration scheduled for Saturday, August 23rd
  • Discuss plans for next GUM
  • Discuss plans for Software Freedom Day
  • Discuss plans for Ohio Linuxfest
  • List your item here
  • List your item here


The meeting was called to order at at 7:53 PM, with everyone but the Director-at-Large present.

Reports of Officers

The Chair has nothing to report.

The Vice Chair reports that he has something he would like to discuss about future meetings during New Business. He also wants to talk later in the meeting about the Linode referral link on WPLUG wiki.

The Secretary reports that currently the membership count is at 17 members. That said, some people haven't renewed yet, so that count may drop between now and the next board meeting.

The Treasurer reports $243.51 is currently in the bank, with undeposited funds of $40.00 from a new member joining, along with a membership renewal. There was also a donation amount of $17.91 from the summer picnic EventBrite sign-up. The Treasurer mentioned he will contact the Director-at-Large to compensate him for the cost of the new WPLUG grill. Also, the Treasurer mentioned that somebody needs to get a hold of Linode quite soon so that WPLUG doesn't get re-billed for another month of service for the existing server. Finally, he plans to contact Linode to get a /64 for IPV6 for use on the new WPLUG server.

The Director-at-Large is not present and therefore has nothing to report.

New Business

The plan is to do the WPLUG server migration this upcoming Saturday, August 23rd. It should be pretty straight-forward, although some software will need to be reinstalled from scratch. The Treasurer is also doing a "panic dump" of the current server infrastructure, just in case it is needed. Other than that, a backup policy for the WPLUG server will need to be considered. The Treasurer will look into the cost for Linode's backup service and report back to the board.

With regards to the upcoming general user meeting (GUM), the Vice Chair reported that he talked to Megan Costello, who did the talk about legal issues in open source at Hack Pittsburgh. She moved across the state unfortunately, so she will not be able to give a talk. If she is ever in the area though and a time can be agreed upon, it's possible that she could give a talk at a future general meeting. Due to these circumstances, the Vice Chair mentioned that he could talk about legal issues as well, focusing on copyright and software licenses. Alternatives to this are a movie night at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, as well as the Chair giving a talk about security and privacy, likely with an Android focus. After some discussion, it was decided to go with the Chair's talk for the September general meeting, with the Vice Chair giving his talk for the October meeting.

The next topic of discussion was Software Freedom Day. It would be good to do it in a place where the general public can get a chance to talk with us about open source software. It was mentioned that perhaps a computer hardware giveaway could be used as an incentive. That said, the main goal is to spread the word about free and open source software, not to give things away to the public. A location like the Monroeville Mall would be ideal, or perhaps WPLUG could set up a table at a Community Day or Farmers' Market. The Vice Chair will look into the possibility of pursuing a WPLUG presence at a local Community Day event. The Vice Chair mentioned that charitable days at churches is another possibility. Obviously the primary focus of WPLUG is on Linux-based operating systems, but better success for Software Freedom Day may be to share free and open source software for Windows with the general public. Giving away CDs with portable versions of software such as LibreOffice and Firefox would definitely be a good way to go. The main goal before all of this though is to find a location, preferably within the next week or two. Our event likely won't actually be on the same date as the official Software Freedom Day, which is Saturday, September 20th. That said, it would be great to still help spread the word.

Finally, there was some discussion about the 2014 Ohio LinuxFest (OLF). The Vice Chair mentioned that it is still unknown what the schedule is for Lightning Talks and the Birds of a Feather (BoF) discussions. He also mentioned that it is possible that only one of the two may happen this OLF. Tentatively there will be Lightning Talks on Saturday, and the BoFs should happen on Friday night. The full details are not known at this juncture though, unfortunately.

The Vice Chair concluded the meeting by mentioning that somebody from CMU submitted a talk for OLF. It may be possible to reach out to this person to present at a future WPLUG GUM if he is interested.

The meeting concluded at 8:54 PM.