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The meeting was called to order at 9:18 PM. All officers were present: Chair Pat Barron, Vice Chair/Secretary Justin Smith, Treasurer Terry Golightly, and Director-at-Large Joe Prostko.


Pat reports giving $60 to WPLUG to cover the cost of food for the Open Source Picnic. He confirmed that Walter White is planning to attend the GUM this Saturday.

Justin met up with WPLUG attendee Nikolai at Ohio Linux Fest. WPLUG's Birds of a Feather event at Ohio Linux Fest didn't go as well as planned; one particular attendee talked at length to the exclusion of others, and the discussion produced no definitive resolutions to the original question of whether LUGs should be "rethought."

Terry reports that WPLUG has $515.98 in its bank account. One $60 deposit and one $9 charge (to replace Terry's mailbox key) are outstanding. Terry will reimburse WPLUG for the cost of his replacement key. $216 was paid to Linode for another year of VPS service. Terry received an email from CPUser, a Tarentum-based technology group, asking him to come out and give a presentation about Linux.

Joe Prostko met up with Klaatu at Ohio Linux Fest. He's interested in helping WPLUG to redesign its Web site. He isn't able to contribute in a more significant capacity because of his participation in another group. However, its attendance is falling, so the situation may change. Joe thinks that OpenAtrium would be a good tool for organizing WPLUG's Web redesign project, but the features on the newest version are limited.


Justin logged in to the Linode account and saw a message that WPLUG qualifies for a free disk capacity upgrade. The matter will be referred to Vance Kochenderfer, chair of the Internet Committee. Vance will also be informed about the possibility of implementing two-factor authentication on the Linode account and posting a URL for WPLUG's Linode referral link on the front page of WPLUG.org.

Pat informed the board that nominations for next year's WPLUG Board of Directors will take place in October, not September. Therefore, WPLUG must have a meeting in October. Terry suggests putting out a notice. [redacted] The Board discussed possible candidates.

Pat proposed ratifying the $216 payment to Linode for VPS service. The measure was unanimously approved. Pat proposed ratifying the $9 payment for replacing Terry's Post Office box key. The measure was unanimously approved.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:49 PM.