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== Upcoming Related Events ==
== Upcoming Related Events ==
* Friday-Sunday, October 4-6, 2012 - [http://pghpw.org/ppw2013/ Pittsburgh Perl Workshop] - at Pittsburgh Technical Institute in Oakdale
E-mail [mailto:info@wplug.org info@wplug.org] to have your event posted here.
E-mail [mailto:info@wplug.org info@wplug.org] to have your event posted here.

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Welcome to the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group℠. We are a not-for-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that provides collaboration resources, including mailing lists, presentations, installfests, and this wiki for Linux users of all backgrounds.

See our about page for more background on us, Linux, and free/open source software.

Just like an open source software project, we develop WPLUG in collaboration with the community: everyone is free to contribute. What does Western PA need out of WPLUG℠? What do you need out of WPLUG? Join our mailing list and tell us!

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Got something technology-related on your mind? Even if you're not a WPLUG member, we invite you to answer our Call for Presentations and talk about it at one of our meetings.

See our future planning page for information about WPLUG's longer-term plans for meetings & events.

Upcoming Related Events

E-mail info@wplug.org to have your event posted here.

The past related events page has examples of what we've done in the past.

Past Meetings

Every WPLUG meeting and event is recorded in our past meetings page. If you're new to WPLUG, this will give you a better idea of what we do.

Online Resources

WPLUG provides a variety of online resources to its members and the community at large. In fact, you're looking at one of them right now: the WPLUG wiki. We provide these resources as a way for our members to help each other, spread the word about Linux and other open source, and socialize.

  • Mailing Lists - The WPLUG mailing lists are a big part of our community; there are several hundred subscribers. We have lists for topics ranging from general announcements to jobs and classified ads.
  • Membership - Join the hottest Linux users group in Western PA!
  • Internet Relay Chat - A chat channel that we operate on the FreeNode IRC network. At times, this can be a very good way to get information.
  • Certification Study Group - A self-study group is forming for participants to assist each other in obtaining Linux certification.
  • Twitter - The official WPLUG Twitter account
  • Linkedin - A professional networking group used by many WPLUG members.
  • Ohio Linux Presentations - Recordings of presentations at the 2009 Ohio Linux Fest held September 25 and 26, 2009 in Columbus OH. The theme was "40 years of UNIX."
  • CPOSC Talks - Slides from Central PA Open Source Conference held October 17, 2009 at Harrisburg University. Attendance about 150.
  • Other Interesting Organizations - We're not the only game in town. Go and explore!
  • Commission to Reform WPLUG - An informal group created to fix long-standing problems in WPLUG.

Organizational Materials


BOINC-based Teams

  • WPLUG SETI@home Team - Our team to assist with experiments for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).
  • WPLUG Rosetta@home Team - Team to "help to determine the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins in research that may ultimately lead to finding cures for some major human diseases."
  • BOINC - Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing


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