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Venue Info

Meeting to be held at IBM Squirrel Hill at 7:30pm on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016.


  • Transition
    • Office assignments
    • Committee appointments
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Attending (all by conference call):

  • Vance Kochenderfer (Chair)
  • Joseph Prostko (Vice Chair)
  • Pat Barron (Secretary)
  • Justin Smith (Director at Large)

Not attending:

  • Terry Golightly (Treasurer)

The meeting was called to order at 7:41pm.

The board members reviewed the minutes of the last board meeting on the wiki. The minutes were adopted as drafted.

Reports of officers

Chair - Nothing to report.

Vice chair - Nothing to report.

Secretary - WPLUG currently has 13 members, 2 memberships are due to lapse through the end of January. The lapsing members were not notified nor were their membership renewals solicited, in view of the pending proposal to rescind the bylaws that was approved at the November 19th GUM to be put to absentee ballot.

Treasurer - Not present, left no report.

Director at large - Nothing to report.

Officer assignments

The newly elected board discussed officer assignments for the newly elected Board of Directors. After discussion, it was agreed that all Board members would hold the same offices they held during the 2015-2016 year.

Committee assignments

It was moved to appoint the following individuals to the Technology Committee: Pat Barron as committee chair, Vance Kochenderfer, Justin Smith, Terry Golightly, Joseph Prostko. The motion was adopted.

It was moved to appoint the following individuals to the Event Committee: Vance Kochenderfer as committee chair, Pat Barron, and Joseph Prostko. The motion was adopted.

It was moved to appoint the following individuals to the Investigating Committee: Nick Schembri as committee chair and David Sevick. The motion was adopted.

It was moved to appoint the following individual to the Marketing and Communications Committee: Pat Barron. The motion was adopted. (Joseph Prostko serves as committee chair ex officio.)

New Business

It was moved to schedule the next GUM on January 21st; the motion was adopted. We will have to see if we can drum up a topic, if anyone has a suggestion or suggested speakers please bring up on mailing list. The training room at IBM Squirrel Hill was reserved to be used as the venue.

It was moved to hold our next Board meeting January 24th, to take action based on the result of the bylaws amendment vote to be taken at the January 21st GUM. If the vote is affirmative, we will put together a job description for the custodian and solicit volunteers. If the proposal passes, we may want to consider refunding dues payments of anyone who has joined or renewed their membership recently (a timeframe of the previous 6 months was suggested in discussion).

We will need to gather our physical equipment that belongs to WPLUG from the various places it is stored, to be transferred to the custodian, or donated, or sold for cash.

There being no further business before the Board at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 8:18pm.