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  1. Reading and Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Member at Large
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Program
    2. Public Relations
    3. Internet
    4. Investigating
    5. Newsletter
    6. ErieLUG
  4. Unfinished Business
  5. New Business

Current Board members, Numbered If Present

1. Vance - Chair Mike - Vice Chair 2. Beth Lynn Secretary 3. Dave - Treasurer 4. Ted - Member at Large


Meeting called to order 7:30p.

Secretary attending via teleconference.

Previous Meeting Minutes: Minutes read and approved.

Officer Reports

Chair: Nothing to report.

Vice Chair: Nothing to report.


  • Mike Hansel has found the PO Box key, spare now available.


  • Cash-on-hand = $90.94
  • Checking account = $794.38
  • Membership dues from Pat Barron $20 deposited June 28.
  • David Kraus now has access to the Eureka Bank for a drop-box for deposits in North Hills.
  • Mailbox spare key is now in the cash on hand folder
  • Missing bank statements (update again) - Found April?

Member-at-Large: Nothing to report.

AJAX speaker wants to give the talk soon Offering Tutorials would be a good thing to bring back.

Committee Reports

Program Committee:

  • How to tutorials would have a wider appeal with hands on activities. In the past topics with two to four hours were presented in this format. Ted proposed that we poll the list for ideas for tutorial topics.
  • Installfest in August 9 (changed from August 16), theme needed. WPLUG Planet workshop may be held there.
  • Round-table in July will not happen due to "Big Buck Bunny" screening on July 26. There was a discussion regarding alternative venues if the temperature is oppressive. If the forecast a week before is humid, we will reschedule.
  • Round-table targeted in October, topic needed.
  • September, GUM board nominations (try for 9/13/2008); Special Event: Software Freedom Day 9/20/2008
  • October, GUM board elections (try for 10/4/2008 due to other Linux events on Oct.)
  • Need to locate WPLUG grill for picnic on Sunday; Ted & Beth Lynn to inquire.

PR Committee:

  • Software Freedom Day, 9/20/2008
    • Vance offers to help with planning and grunt work.
    • Greg Simkins offered to help.
    • Awaiting SFD 2008 registration to open.
  • Flyers and other printer material still needs to be done. D. Kraus
  • Contact Goodwill Computing. M. Semcheski

Internet Committee:

  • Penguin server is "off-line"; all services now handled by Linode VPS
    • Props to Vance for work on Postfix
    • Need Mailman work...
  • Need more admins and moderators for mailing lists.
  • Registrar: move DNS to pairnic; renew for 6 years for $60; setup board accessible account.
  • Discussion to register pittlug.org to preserve name for other organizations.
  • Motion to register PITTLUG.ORG for six (6) years with PairNIC; vote 2 to 3, motion failed.
  • Motion to register PITTLUG.ORG for one (1) year with PairNIC; vote 3 to 2, motion passed.
  • Motion to transfer WPLUG.ORG to PairNIC for six (6) years; vote 5 to 0, motion passed.
  • Beth Lynn to authorize transfer of WPLUG.ORG from Joker to PairNIC; David Kraus to setup account with PairNIC.
  • BUG on Linode: mailing list bounce messages originating from none.wplug.org; temporary fix CNAME created.


Call to order 9:16p

  • Planet service on Linode?; propose to do new installation. This task will, at least, be handled at the next Installfest.
  • Vance noticed in Apache error logs, mailing list archives broken. Those discovered have been fixed. Please keep a look out for others.

Investigating Committee: Nothing to report.

Newsletter Committee:

  • Article from Tom Rhodes on MoinMoin
  • David Kraus to review "The Official Damn Small Linux Book"
  • Mike Semcheski to review "Fedora 8 Bible"

ErieLUG Committee:

  • Nothing new from ErieLUG
  • No communication on WPLUG hosted mailing list.
  • Beth Lynn proposes to organize a road trip to Erie to participate in a GUM.

Unfinished Business: None.

New Business

  • Next board meeting 6/9 @ 7pm
  • Mike S. not available for 8/11 board meeting

Meeting adjorned at 9:34p.