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The WPLUG board consists of five elected members of WPLUG who oversee the operations of WPLUG and plan for its future growth. The current board was elected on Saturday, October 20, 2007 and consists of:

Michael Semcheski and Beth Lynn Eicher are responsible for the membership roles. If you have a question regarding your membership, please contact both of them.

Upcoming WPLUG Board Meetings

Past WPLUG Board Meetings


At the October 30, 2006 meeting the acting WPLUG board established a set of five, three and one year goals. We then pared each of these sets of goals to about five different concrete and actionable items. The goal of this plan is that the one year tasks always lead us in the direction of the three year tasks, which are the foundation for the five year tasks. The one year plan should be revisited as needed during the year, with the three and five year plan revisited annually.

At the November 19, 2007 board meeting, the board decided to review the goals set one year earlier, and update them as necessary. The previous board's goals can be found at the WPLUG Board 2007 Goals page. The new goals can be seen on the WPLUG Board 2008 Goals page, and here.

Five Year Goals

  • Tangible benefits for members
  • Medium/Large scale Pittsburgh based Linux conference
  • Training to the point of formal certification (see what's going on with the FreeBSD community)
  • Strong SIGs that meet monthly
  • Better WPLUG reputation -- local, national level -- with other lugs, FOSS in general, goverments
  • Incorporate as a 501(c)(3)

Three Year Goals

  • Regional conference on a yearly basis
  • OS Desktop training sessions -- PrePrint workflow, photo workflow, etc. More of a classroom instruction session see about working with ProTech or something
  • Tiered membership program
    • associate, student, professional, etc
    • provides infrastructure for tangible benefits
  • Incorporate with the state
  • Crossover membership with other PGH technology organizations
    • In a regional sense -- connect with other Linux/BSD/Free Software Groups
    • Ohio, WVULug, CPlug, BPLUG, PSLUG
    • regional alliances
    • (aka getting in touch with other organizations that serve a similar purpose)

One Year Goals

  • getting committees functioning
    • start with individual people
    • put people on the committee that are active and willing to do the tasks within the scope
    • make them feel empowered
    • have committees go through the same exercise we're doing here
      • 1 year, 6 mon, 3 mon plans
    • board member on each committee to oversee, but not do the work
    • reduce barrier to entry on committees
  • Tax ID number
  • Meeting schedule defined and published 2-3 months out - resolve meeting places
  • LUGRadio Live USA
  • Fix the online community
    • retire penguin
    • install a real CMS
      • openACS is not a long term solution
      • maybe just stick with MediaWiki
    • redirect wplug.org to wplug.ece.cmu.edu
    • install jabber server for wplug (wildfire is a good option)
    • find some network admins
    • set specific times on IRC for questions/help rather than idlefest
    • select a software platform
    • contest for new WPLUG logo or layout