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(Upcoming WPLUG Board Meetings)
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== Past WPLUG Board Meetings ==
== Past WPLUG Board Meetings ==
* [[WPLUGBoard/Meeting-20180116|Tuesday, January 16, 2018]]
* [[WPLUGBoard/Meeting-20170822|Tuesday, August 22, 2017]]
* [[WPLUGBoard/Meeting-20170822|Tuesday, August 22, 2017]]
* [[WPLUGBoard/Meeting-20170418|Tuesday, April 18, 2017]]
* [[WPLUGBoard/Meeting-20170418|Tuesday, April 18, 2017]]

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The WPLUG Board of Directors consists of five elected members of WPLUG who oversee the operations of WPLUG and plan for its future growth. The current board was elected on Saturday, November 15, 2014.


The members are:

A list of officer responsibilities exists to help keep straight who does what and when.

Upcoming WPLUG Board Meetings

Past WPLUG Board Meetings


At the October 30, 2006 meeting the acting WPLUG board established a set of five, three and one year goals. We then pared each of these sets of goals to about five different concrete and actionable items. The goal of this plan is that the one year tasks always lead us in the direction of the three year tasks, which are the foundation for the five year tasks. The one year plan should be revisited as needed during the year, with the three and five year plan revisited annually.

At the November 19, 2007 board meeting, the board decided to review the goals set one year earlier, and update them as necessary. The previous board's goals can be found at the WPLUG Board 2007 Goals and WPLUG Board 2008 Goals pages. A new WPLUG Board 2009 Goals page is under construction.