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Hi, I'm Ted and I have no URL page because I don't like making web pages, but I am an editable object here. Keep in mind, I'd prefer not to be edited without advance warning, though.


I'm a systems and projects guy. As such, I don't usually code in C/C++ or java. I build things, good things that run well because the pieces work together; and when they don't, I build new pieces or fit existing ones together in different ways. I work a lot with Gentoo Linux but I'm comfortable using other flavors too, especially RedHat derivatives or Suse. Some say I'm a Linux expert or at least guru, and maybe I am, but I think of myself more as someone who plans projects and makes them work. I've spent a great deal of time volunteering, especially working with Linux and Linux-related topics. Through it, I'm made some good friends, which blows away the theory that you get nothing back from working with Open Source software.

I'm open to working on new projects, helping out with problems, or just talking geek. This isn't an essay or job application, so if you want to know more, you'll have to ask.

I'm reachable via IRC on Lbera.Chat, where I am known as tdr. Or you can email me: ted.d.rodgers at

Distro of Choice: