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Currently WPLUG is going through a transitionary state, and is not accepting membership applications.

Membership in WPLUG is open to any person aligned with the group's purpose as stated in the bylaws. To join, you must complete and sign the membership application and either mail it in or bring it to a meeting along with the yearly dues.

Dues are currently set at $20. If you are already a member, you may renew for another year by completing an application and paying an additional year's dues no more than 91 days before your term expires. Once you pass the expiration date, you are no longer a member and must apply just as any non-member would.

If you need to know when your membership expires or have any other questions, you may contact the WPLUG Secretary or any member of the Board of Directors.

Member Benefits

Historically, membership has only conferred organizational rights, such as the right to vote for officers and on other WPLUG business. We are working on developing other services that members would find useful.

Vanity E-mail Aliases

Members can now sign up to have an e-mail alias. This will forward all e-mail addressed to [yourname] to another e-mail account you control. Note that we do not store your e-mail for retrieval by POP or IMAP; this is only a forwarding service. Contact the vanity alias administrators to set yours up! More details are available in the announcement.

RSS Feed Aggregator

Tiny Tiny RSS is an RSS feed aggregator that provides many of the features of the now-discontinued Google Reader. Want a place where you can collect all your RSS feeds and access them from any web-enabled device? WPLUG has set up an instance which is now running in production. There's also a native client for Android devices. See the announcement for more details; contact Justin Smith if you're interested in participating.

Other Services

If you have an idea for some other service that WPLUG members would find useful, please e-mail us and let us know!