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==== Vance Kochenderfer ====
==== Vance Kochenderfer ====
My focus for 2015-2016 is the presentations at WPLUG meetings.  By recruiting speakers well in advance, and focusing on quality, we can have a program to promote and build the organization.  We have seen a continuing drop in attendance, and I believe that having pre-announced talks on cool topics by great speakers is the way to reverse this.  I base this on past experience; for example, between December 2004 and June 2005, we had talks on the following subjects: DocBook, Kernel Configuration, User-Mode Linux, RPMs, SysAdmin Basics, Managing an Open Source Project, Linux in Mission-Critical Applications, Subversion, MythTV, and Regular Expressions.  Attendance was much stronger then, and we can get there again.  I will put my energy into reaching out to potential speakers using my network and others I know through the Ohio LinuxFest and WPLUG's past.
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==== John Lewis ====
==== John Lewis ====

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