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Title: Advanced SSH
Title: Advanced SSH
This is a follow-up from the talk given at the [[Meeting-20120310 | 3/10/2012 general meeting]].
This is a follow-up from the talk given at the [[Meeting-20120310 | 3/10/2012 general meeting]].  This will cover much more advanced SSH techniques than the previous talk.
We'll cover some of the host configuration options for security and to customize the OpenSSH daemon's behavior, as well as some client configuration options for convenience.  Another topic will be forwarding X sessions over SSH.  We'll finish by discussing how to tunnel and proxy connections.
Slides: [[Media:2012-07-14-ssh-advanced-pres.pdf|download PDF]]
Slides: [[Media:2012-07-14-ssh-advanced-pres.pdf|download PDF]]

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