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Technology Committee

Handles operation and maintenance of the web server, mailing list, IRC channel, and other network services for the group.

Members: Pat Barron (committee chair), Vance Kochenderfer, Justin Smith, Terry Golightly, Joseph Prostko

Discussion: wplug-internet mailing list

Event Committee

Handles planning and making arrangements for all WPLUG events, including presentations, installfests, and tutorials, except those events assigned to another committee.

Members: Vance Kochenderfer (chair), Pat Barron, Joseph Prostko

Discussion: wplug-plan mailing list

Investigating Committee

Investigates any disciplinary questions not assigned to special committees.

Members: Nick Schembri (chair), Dave Sevick

Marketing & Communications Committee

Its purpose is:

  1. To swell the ranks of WPLUG membership.
  2. To establish and maintain WPLUG's reputation as a key organization for Open Source in western Pennsylvania.
  3. To maintain a high level of awareness of WPLUG activities with the general public.
  4. To obtain favorable publicity for WPLUG.
  5. To establish and maintain contact with other Open Source organizations to coordinate efforts to further the cause of Open Source.
  6. To publish a monthly newsletter reporting on WPLUG activities

Members: Joseph Prostko (ex-officio as WPLUG Vice-Chair), Pat Barron