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This page is to coordinate activities for editing the audio files from the 2012 Ohio LinuxFest. It is divided into a section for each SD card, which contains a number of talks. To claim a particular talk or set of talks, download the raw audio file from the linked directory and then change the entry in the "Editor" column from "unclaimed" to your name/e-mail address. If it takes you more than a few days to work on them, e-mail Vance, otherwise he may revert it back to "unclaimed" so someone else can pick it up.

More specific instructions on editing will appear at the end of this page. When you're done, name the resulting WAV file as ##.wav with the track number from the table. Compress the WAV files as FLACs (this saves upload time and storage space) and upload them to INSERT LOCATION.

Card 1

Early Penguin's Talks

Track # Title Speaker Raw File(s) Editor
01 Freebase: Big Data and Archiving Kirk Kimmel SR000F.flac / SR000R.flac unclaimed
02 SSH The Easy Way Carl T. Miller SR000F.flac / SR000R.flac unclaimed
03 Physical Computing with Arduino and Linux Ethan Dicks SR001F.flac / SR001R.flac unclaimed
04 Computer Reach, Ghana, and Free Software Beth Lynn Eicher SR002F.flac / SR002R.flac unclaimed
05 Software Patents: What You Can Do Deb Nicholson SR002F.flac / SR002R.flac unclaimed
06 MySQL Replication Keith Larson SR002F.flac / SR002R.flac unclaimed
07 The Perfect Storm Jon 'maddog' Hall SR003F.flac / SR003R.flac unclaimed

Track 1 Talks

Track # Title Speaker Raw File(s) Editor
21 Android Custom ROM Development with Kexec Mike Kasick STE-001.flac unclaimed
22 Embedded Development with Linux John J. McDonough STE-001.flac unclaimed
23 Collabograte: Open Source Collaboration Kartik Subbarao N/A; didn't use microphone
24 The Importance of Free Software and Accessibility Jonathan Nadeau STE-002.flac unclaimed
25 Servers So Easy a Caveman Can Do It Christopher Laco STE-003.flac unclaimed
26 The Road to 31 Flavors Todd Robinson STE-003.flac unclaimed
27 Level Up: Linux and the Original Gameboy Dru Streicher STE-003.flac unclaimed