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WPLUG will have a General User Meeting and presentation on Saturday, April 14, 2012, starting at 2pm in the auditorium (bottom floor) of the Wilkins School Community Center.

Schedule for the Day[edit]

1:30pm - Doors open, set up
2:00pm - Featured Presentation
3:30pm - Meeting ends, everyone out. We are likely to go to D's 6pack afterward.


Name: Pat Barron

Title: Introduction to Virtualization on Linux using KVM

Did you ever find yourself thinking how nice it would be if you had a spare system around, or even a couple of spare systems? Systems that you could use to experiment with different Linux distros, or even tinker around with non-Linux operating systems like Windows? If you don't have any "spare" computers laying around, you may be struggling to decide if what you want to do is worth wiping out the Linux system you're already working on, which would mean you would have to reinstall or restore your system from backups after you've finished tinkering. Not an easy decision considering the time it would require, but is it really your only option? What if you could harness the "extra" capacity of your system that you're not currently using, to create the appearance of an entirely separate computer, without disturbing the Linux installation you're currently working with, and that can run simultaneously while your original system continues to operate? Using virtualization, you can do exactly that.

In this presentation, you'll learn what virtualization is, what it's good for, and how it differs from other strategies (such as emulation) that are intended to solve similar problems. You'll find out about KVM ("Kernel Virtual Machine"), a virtualization facility that is included with many popular Linux distributions, and how it compares to other "no cost" virtualization solutions that are currently available. Finally, you'll see a live demonstration in which we'll use KVM installed on a Fedora 16 system to install an entirely different Linux distribution on a "virtual system" which shares the same physical hardware, and that we can use while Fedora 16 continues to operate.

Slides: Slide Deck

Meeting Staff[edit]

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