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This election is for the WPLUG board for 2008-2009. Votes may be cast by mail or in person at the October 4, 2008 business meeting. Ballots will be counted and results announced at this meeting, so your vote must be received before 3:45pm to be counted.

The ballot for this election is available here. Detailed instructions for voting are given at Election Instructions.

Those who were nominated and eligible at the September 13, 2008 nominations meeting and have agreed to be candidates are (in alphabetical order):

  • Mathieu Dubé
  • Vance Kochenderfer
  • David Kraus
  • Bill Moran
  • Michael Semcheski


  • Only persons who are members on October 4, 2008 may be elected.
  • Bill Moran was nominated but did not accept nor decline his nomination. His name will be on the ballot because he did not decline.
  • Brian Seklecki will attempt a write-in campaign but he is not a member at this time.
  • Bob Turley is a member as of September 15, 2008. He will also attempt a write-in campaign.
  • David Ostroske has declined his nomination.

Ask the Candidates[edit]

There will be a special ask the candidates session in the WPLUG IRC channel (irc.freenode.net, channel #wplug) on Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 from 8-9pm EDT. We encourage all members to attend and ask questions of the candidates. This IRC meeting will be hosted by Beth Lynn Eicher.

Log file now available.

Candidate Statements[edit]

Mike Semcheski[edit]

Its been an interesting year on the board. I am torn about running again. On one hand, I feel there is a lot of good left to be done. On the other hand, one of the things the current board has tried to encourage is contributions from members not on the board. So with that said, if I were elected, I would like to continue to chair the Internet Committee but also push the board to get more done this coming year. If not elected, I would like to continue to chair the Internet Committee but also push the board to get more done this coming year. I guess the distinction is in the style of pushing.

David Kraus[edit]

Candidate for WPLUG Board 2008/2009

Vance Kochenderfer[edit]

In the past year, we have had some successes (most notably, getting the server you are using right now set up and migrating over our mailing lists and IRC bot). I do feel that we have lagged slightly on the number of presentations and events we've hosted and can improve there. The good news is that no matter who you are, you can contribute to WPLUG, such as by joining one of our Committees, or by improving the wiki, and I encourage everyone who has an interest in WPLUG to do so. If elected, while I will serve in any office, I intend to seek the Secretary's position. I feel that my skills are better suited to that office than to that of Chair, and I would work to ensure all of our organizational documents are current and available online and hopefully get an online user-accessible membership system set up.

Mathieu Dubé[edit]

I am new to WPLUG, but I already have a desire to be elected to the Board. I think being a WPLUG Board Member will be a good way to both strengthen my knowledge about WPLUG as an organization, as well as give time to make the group grow in the direction the members desire.

I have worked with linux for more than ten years now. I use gentoo as a preferred distribution and I've used many flavors at work such as suse, ubuntu and the redhat derived distributions (centos, fedora, etc.). I also enjoy working with BSDs, I use openbsd as a gateway and freebsd as a webserver and fileserver. Professionally, I have been employed working with linux, mainly in clustered storage. Currently, I am working with linux on embedded computers.

If elected I hope to be able to help the group develop both internally (such as setting and meeting goals) and externally (such as having an impact on the Pittsburgh community through educational events, publishing book reviews as a group, etc.). I am excited to hear members input about how this development within WPLUG should take place.