[wplug] Haiku R1 Alpha 3 released

Joseph Prostko joe.prostko+wplug at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 13:18:43 EDT 2011


I know that the list is Linux-centric, but figured I'd let people that
the third alpha of Haiku is out.  I hope to see things accelerate, as
the primary kernel dev (Ingo Weinhold) has been contracted to finish
the package manager, and a long time dev (Michael Lotz) will likely
get a 6 month or 12 month gig to focus solely on Haiku development
(and likely quit his job!).  Michael tends to work on whatever is
desperately needed and finish it in a hurry, so I hope the board of
Haiku approves his proposal.

As for Haiku itself, it is fairly usable at this stage, but a main
drag for me (and many others) is missing WPA support.  One of the
other kernel devs (Axel Doerfler) was working on porting FreeBSD's
wpa_supplicant, but he hit a wall somewhere, so it's stalled for now
until he has the energies to finish it.  I think him having a kid
recently meant he shifted priorities a bit also.

In any case, good progress seems to be made with ZFS support (and
other projects) from the Google Summer of Code students, so I look
forward to see how that turns out.  More details are found on the
student blogs, that can be found at haiku-os.org.

Without further rambling, here is the link to the release...in case
you haven't seen it elsewhere:


I suggest DD'ing the Anyboot image to a USB pen drive and giving it a
whirl that way, but you can burn the ISO to a CD or else run a VMDK in
VMWare or VirtualBox.

- joe

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