[wplug] FiOS questions

Mike Sussman mmsussman at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 16:29:12 EDT 2011

I have had FiOS since it became available here in Bethel Park, 3 years
or so ago.  I have the cheapest service, bundled with TV and phone, but
when it was installed there was no TV included (I added it later).  I
have Cat5 cable from their box in my garage to their router.

Their router is easy to configure to forward ports.

I have been participating in a program that measures service and run by
"samknows.com".  Verizon recommended this service, it doesn't cost me
anything, and I get monthly throughput numbers generated by a second
router they sent me and located behind their router.  My May numbers are
30.48Mbps down, 25.38 Mpbs up.  Both of these numbers appear to be very
consistent.  (The downstream number has a minimum of 3.20Mbps and a
maximum of 30.86Mbps.  Since the maximum and average are so close, I
have to believe that service less than 30Mbps is very rare.)

Mike Sussman

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