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Friarzen friarzen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 11:11:53 EDT 2011

I have been using Fios for about a year now, using a similar intro deal.  So far, it has been a very solid service.  The only problem I've had was a period of high packet loss for about 2 weeks which has since been corrected.  They do not seem to filter any server ports, but I haven't tried port 25 (email) which is usually the first victim.  The installation was very quick, but somewhat odd.  It involves fiber to the house,and then a coax cable to a semi-standard cable modem/4port/wireless switch (which is likely running linux of some flavor) which serves DHCP and configures on port 80 (may require windows to initially configure).  My specific deal is now a year old and likely differs in cost and terms, so I'll skip trying to comment on that.  Read your contract carefully.

Tl;dr:  darn good internet, overall


Zachary Uram <netrek at gmail.com> wrote:

>Does anyone here run Verizon FiOS? If so do you have a positive or
>negative experience overall? Does FiOS let you run your own web
>server, game server, teamspeak server, IRC server? Do you get a static
>IP or a dynamic one that constantly changes? I am interested in the
>15Mb/5Mb plan for $49.99/month. It says there are taxes and fees
>applicable as well. Just how much are these fees per month? I did live
>chat with a FiOS rep., but they seemed to just give formulaic answers
>and I really didn't get my questions answered. Right now I have
>Speakeasy (Megapath) DSL and it is direct connection to my desktop
>machine (static IP too) so I have no router. The Verizon rep. said I
>need a wireless router and a wireless NIC, Verizon has promotion where
>they give you a wireless router. This doesn't help me because I don't
>trust wireless security (even WPA2 has been cracked) and I don't want
>to buy a wireless NIC. Is there anyway I can have FiOS just connect
>directly to my (wired) NIC? Here is what she said:
>Archer(23:53:23): When you sign up for FiOS Internet, you'll receive a
>wireless router at no cost that will provide firewall protection and a
>fast, reliable connection to multiple computers.That means everyone in
>your household with a wireless-enabled computer will be able to use
>FiOS Internet when and where they want to, as long as they?re inside
>the router?s signal area.
>Archer(23:53:30): The wireless router allows you to connect up to 4
>computers through the four wired ports, and/or up to ten additional
>computers without wires.
>This $49.99/mo price is a promotion so it's only good for one year. I
>asked her what the price would be after that and she had no clue. Does
>anyone know? She said:
>Archer(23:47:44): We do not have any details on the future prices and
>offers; however, Verizon will notify you at least 30 days prior with
>the exact prices and offers.
>Also what is Verizon's attitude towards bittorenting? Would this be
>blocked and would I then need a router that does port forwarding?
>I pay $55/mo now, but I only get 1.5Mb/384Kb, so having 15Mb/5Mb for
>only $5 more seems too good to pass up!
>Another question I had was how long it takes from the day I order
>service until it is finally up and running? I live in Carrick so I
>don't know if they already have fiber in here and just need to run a
>secondary line to our building. She couldn't answer this question
>Thanks for any info.
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