[wplug] FiOS questions

Bruce Adams bruce.adams at acm.org
Fri Jun 17 11:10:52 EDT 2011

I have had FiOS for a couple of years. Initial installation took most of 
a day. I've had a couple of outages. One required replacing the unit at 
my house. That outage lasted about a day. The other outage got fixed 
over the phone, but was it was a tedious process. I doubt Verizon would 
even be willing to talk with you about FiOS unless they already have 
fiber near your house.

Verizon uses several different routers. Don't assume you will get any 
specific model.

Their pricing is bizarre. It will go up, probably by $10/month, after 
the promo price expires. They will bury you in special offers for FiOS 
TV (which I have zero interest in). I'm at about $85/month for data and 

The four physical ports on their router work fine. You get 
administrative control of the router and will need to open up ports for 
incoming connections and setup port forwarding to whichever machine you 
want to really service that port.

Bittorrent has worked fine for me, but I'm not a heavy user. Verizon 
might react to heavy use.

- Bruce

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