[wplug] Hardware RAID tuning

Drew from Zhrodague drewzhrodague at zhrodague.net
Wed Jun 15 22:17:07 EDT 2011

> filesystem I'm dumping is mounted but isn't in use, so it must be
> reads from other arrays on the same controller.  Could this be a

	This would seem to explain why you're having intermittent performance.

	Shouldn't you not share controllers with other arrays, and actually use 
multiple controllers per array? This is how we did things back in the 
day with old JBOD Suns -- stripe across disks and stripe across 
controllers. Modern architectures turn everything on their ears, so I 
could be missing something.

	If it helps, I've found that a straight scp in Amazon's cloud is faster 
than an scp -C or compressed rsync. The results may be different with a 
hardware environment, but testing is the only way to be sure.


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