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John Lewis oflameo1 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 7 23:31:15 EDT 2011

Zachary Uram, you have changed my mind. If the video game console
emulator community are the best preservationist of the games then it
could have a net positive effect. Otherwise, the games probably would
have been forgotten long before the copyright would expire, and people
having exposure to the old game would help them make better new games.
I have forgotten about games I still own, aka have licenses to. Mame users may actually have extra insulation against lawsuits due to the noncommercial clause in the license, I'm not sure because I still have trouble understanding what exactly noncommercial means. I think I am going to double check if I could use my physical game consoles for commercial use without getting some special license. 

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>There is just no incentive to rewrite these classic arcade games.
>Maybe a few would get done, but most would languish. I think the
>standard 70 year or whatever period for IP is to long in the case of
>software. Most of the games I play on MAME were written 20-30 years
>ago. The companies that own the UP either went out of business long
>ago or are now much bigger companies who are making no money off of
>them, and have no way to do so. I think it's better to have the games
>survive in the emulator community where a new generation can enjoy
>them as well as the old than for the games to just lie dormant on
>rusting circuit boards soon to be lost forever. Also if one could
>prove IP infringement on such games what type of settlement do they
>expect to get? The company is not being robbed of any revenue since
>the games have long since stopped being sold, what is the current
>realistic value of such a game? That's why you won't see any MAME
>users being sued. There's no money to be had. And the technology used
>to crack and disseminate media in general is now so advanced even the
>behemoth corporation's best efforts are quickly thwarted so all they
>can resort to is fear and intimidation with ludicrous lawsuits (like
>in several cases where RIAA argued they lost $20,000 for a user
>illegally downloading a single song!) and suing random people. I think
>it will take a while for IP issues to final settle down with respect
>to media and hopefully the corporations will realize file sharing
>actually generates more revenue for companies than they lose. When
>people check out a song or movie and like it they will go and buy it
>often. I think it would be fair to charge a flat monthly media access
>fee, like pay $20/month and have unlimited downloads of TV shows,
>games, movies, music. Also the pricing models using are about 20-30
>years behind the law in terms of tort actions. Thanks to technology
>and digital distribution it is just not accurate the amount of money
>the RIAA/MPAA claim they are losing.

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