[wplug] floppy disk rescue

Arnaud Loos arnaud at arnaudloos.com
Mon Nov 27 17:01:44 EST 2006

I have a floppy with a word document on it which I'm unable to read in
windows. Running it through a windows file recovery program tells me that
there are many bad blocks on the disk, but I can't get any usable data from
it. In linux I'm able to read a directory listing from the disk, but a file
copy results in an input/output error about half way through. 

I'm looking for a way to recover the document but am unsure how to proceed.
I suppose creating a disk image is an option but I don't know how dd will
deal with the bad blocks and/or corrupted data. Are there any special
switches I should use? Can anyone recommend another program or method which
may have more success at reading the disk?


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