[wplug] [wplug-announce] Installfest, Saturday November 18th, 10am - 3pm, Carnegie Mellon University

Patrick Wagstrom pwagstro at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Nov 14 20:36:02 EST 2006

This Saturday, November 18th, from 10am to 3pm at Carnegie Mellon
University, Newell Simon Hall Atrium, WPLUG will be having an
installfest!  The theme of the installfest will be "Install Edgy Eft on
Your Hardware".

What is "Edgy Eft"?
It's the newest distribution of Linux from Ubuntu, a Debian based
distribution that has been taking the world by storm.  Reknowned for
it's ease of use, management, and installation while still providing
power tools for users who desire them.  

How does an installfest work?
Simple, you bring your hardware, we'll try to help you get Linux
installed.  We'll put you on a link of Carnegie Mellon's network if you
need to download packages.

What if I'm not going to be installing anything?
Feel free to show up and provide help to people or just hang out and
socialize with other WPLUG members.

What about food?
We'll be ordering Pizza around lunch time.

Who can come?
All are welcome

Any other questions?
Email me, or visit the wiki page on the topic at

For information on the location please see:

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