[wplug] journal commit i/o error

Brian A. Seklecki lavalamp at spiritual-machines.org
Sun Nov 5 01:41:10 EST 2006

> The SeaTools Desktop ran its tests, but threw a floating point error and

That could be because SeaTools boot diskette uses DOS.  The error could be 
a genuine FP err the result of unexpected data values returned from BIOS 
calls to test disk geometry.

It could be because DOS will try to access the controller/drive in BIOS 
mode instead of using a driver.

You may be better off BitTorrent'ing a copy of Hiran's BootCD and using 
PC Doctor instead.

As for Linux access SATA devices, why they chose to simulate SCSI v.s. ATA 
is beyond explanation; what is certain is that we've bungled it again -- 
the community is splintered about which framework to use.

This has happened before with CD-RWs and USB Mass Storage.

I would just wait for SAS.


> refused to test my second disk. Suspicious. I'm definitely starting to think 
> hardware goofiness on this one.

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