[wplug] Writing Tech Manuals

Duncan Hutty dhutty+wplug at ece.cmu.edu
Sat Jun 24 10:56:02 EDT 2006

Gentgeen wrote:
> I am wondering about anyone else's experience/thoughts.  LaTeX a good
> way to go?  CVS a good way to go?  Would OpenOffice and stylesheets be a
> better way?  Would OpenOffice work nice with CVS?  And what ever else
> anyone might think of since this would be a new realm for me.

If you plan to use version control, consider your file format carefully; 
there's not a lot of point using version control for any kind of binary 
files since the diff will be more or less useless - text files are the 
way to go.

Also, most people setting up/learning version control for the first time 
seem to be using subversion instead of CVS. I would suggest that this is 
a good thing; while cvs is/has been a good solution for lots of people, 
subversion has a few features that make it more convenient such as being 
  able to cope with moving files/directories in the repository while 
retaining their version histories.

Duncan Hutty

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