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A.McCullough groupsfan at comcast.net
Fri Jun 16 18:36:03 EDT 2006

FWIW -- I seldom post here because I'm still in learning mode, but I'm on a 
large CorelDraw list that has a "straight Corel"  group and a 
"corel-tangent" group, where anything OT is posted (so long as you can keep 
the warring to a minimum). Most members belong to both groups and it's 
worked out VERY well.

Just IMHO - back to lurking :)
Anna McCullough

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From: "Bryon Gill" <bgtrio at yahoo.com>
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> Eh.  I enjoy the occasional off-topic so long as it neither goes on too 
> long nor strays too terribly far afield.  The Ben thing lasted what, 3 
> days?  I don't think that's so crazy.  We've had a couple of 
> politics/economics flareups that were side issues from discussions of 
> linux and free software generally.
> Another possible solution: create wplug-strict, where any mail marked with 
> the OT flag is automatically dropped.  I think this is better than 
> creating a separate off-topic list because I suspect most readers would 
> like the least restrictive option to be the default and to decide for 
> themselves.
> My .02 anyway.

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