[wplug] Trying to go Wireless (w/pennies)

Mark Allen Earnest mark at mystikos.org
Fri Jun 16 12:40:08 EDT 2006

Drew from Zhrodague wrote:

>     Oddly enough, I was there today after reading the wikipedia article 
> on the wrt54g. The units with USB sound quite interesting, especially if 
> you can get it to accept a webcam. 

If you are talking about the Linksys WRTSL54GS that does indeed look 
interesting and I am planning on getting one Real Soon Now (money 
permitting). I have been closely (and eagerly) following this project: 
http://packetprotector.org which looks perfect for my needs and runs on 
the WRTSL54GS. I have a similar setup now with a WRT54G (v4) running 
OpenWRT to get Radius, Snort, and WPA2 but it is a royal pain to set up.

Mark Earnest

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