[wplug] Fwd: prometheus [radio] back in pittsburgh!

Doug Green diego96 at mac.com
Fri Jun 16 08:52:43 EDT 2006

Why not just filter out any [OT] posts from hitting your mail client's
inbox? It seems like everyone is pretty considerate about using an OT flag
in the subject heading when it's appropriate. Maybe THAT can be the subject
of a new thread. How to keep your email client from feeding you OT posts.
Can anyone do that with Pine?? ;)

I agree that tons of posts regarding the helmet law may not be exciting for
some, but Netrek doesn't exactly interest me either (nor wardriving, etc).
Besides, I'm not being defensive, but it was a topic of local interest for
many (as evidenced by the wide local media coverage).

To a large degree, I feel that MOST posts to this list are linux (or
application) related. Some amount of background chatter has to be
anticipated... My .02,


On 6/16/06 8:32 AM, "Jason Carr" <jason at flacid.org> wrote:

> Maybe there isn't a medium for users to communicate effectively in
> Pittsburgh and some how WPLUG is it for us Linux nerds.  I prefer to not
> talking about helmet laws and other things unrelated to Linux and OSS.
> - Jason
> Richard Farina wrote:
>> Duncan-
>> just so you know, I didn't mean to call you into question.  I understand
>> that normally any subscribed user can speak without mod approval. I've
>> just been a little tired of scrolling through crap for the past few
>> days.  Just a thought, but you could actively moderate the list when
>> there are thirty messages a day about motorcycle helmets, and then when
>> it dies down set it back to a less intervention method. Just my 0.02
>> -Rick Farina
>> Duncan Hutty wrote:
>>> Richard Farina wrote:
>>>> I officially volunteer as list moderator... the last few days have
>>>> been fscking rediculous.
>>> As the current list moderator, I should point out that the current
>>> policy is that if you are subscribed to the list, then your posts are
>>> let through without ever pausing in the moderation queue.
>>> If the internet committee, or indeed, the members as a whole, feel
>>> that policy needs to change, it can be changed. I'm sure that wmoran
>>> or David O. would be happy to talk you through the process since I
>>> don't really know it.
>>> As far as my opinion goes, you'll note how much I contributed to the
>>> recent fracas. I don't think this is the best venue for such chatter;
>>> but it comes and goes and it's not new - once in a while, people who
>>> get wound up about things vent and rant on the list. And that's ok and
>>> to be expected among intelligent, interested and interesting individuals.
>>> IMO, it would be better if they were more peaceful in general, had
>>> more respect for the intent of wplug at wplug.org and kept their posts
>>> here to a higher level of topicality and let fly elsewhere if
>>> necessary. However, I'm aware that it will die down (Is wardriving
>>> ethical, anyone, anyone?) and probably faster if I leave it alone.
>>> Frankly, I have better things to do than to allow my limited brain
>>> cycles to be spent interceding. If, on the other hand, I see
>>> consistent and continued perversion of the intention of the list, I
>>> would probably want to do something about it.
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