[wplug] Trying to go Wireless (w/pennies)

Drew from Zhrodague drew at zhrodague.net
Thu Jun 15 18:50:21 EDT 2006

> As this is a linux list, I feel inclined to point out, WRT54G v5.0 uses 
> VxWorks, not linux, so.... have fun trying to mod them (you can't)
> Go to http://wiki.openwrt.org/TableOfHardware and pick something that can run 
> openwrt, otherwise, you will not be doing anything other than standard 
> routing and ap.

 	Oddly enough, I was there today after reading the wikipedia 
article on the wrt54g. The units with USB sound quite interesting, 
especially if you can get it to accept a webcam. I wasn't able to find a 
place that sells them in bulk -- like 5-10 units. I was hoping to get v3s 
or v4s at around $30 apiece. I'll have to wait. Everyone else is using the 
Soekris units, which are more expensive.




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